Summer has faded away into the embraces of fall. Whether it be the clothes, the shows or the weather, fall marks the return of our coveted favorites. Fashion always finds itself married with a creative counterpart, and there is no better example of this than in the fashion world and film and television industry. As a post production intern and a style blogger herself, Michelle Iujvidin, witnesses these sort of details everyday.

Name: Michelle Iujvidin

School: Cal State Northridge (CSUN)

Major: TV Production

College Fashionista: What do you for The Walt Disney Company?

Michelle Iujvidin: I’m an intern for the Post Production department for ABC. I spend my days doing a lot of office work but the best part is being in an environment where I am allowed to apprentice along with editors during their process.

CF: Being up-and-coming in the entertainment industry, what are your thoughts about the partnership between fashion and film/television?

MI: Fashion and the entertainment industry have always been an enormous part of pop culture, influencing droves of peoples' fashion choices, whether they realize it or not. A good example would be Mad Men. Once the show really started to kick off here was a huge resurgence of 60s fashion, such as ladylike dresses and kitten heels, that were being spotlighted as the trends to follow.

CF: Who in film/television history have defined iconic style?

MI: Well to name a few, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City really defined the awareness of fashion playing a role in a sitcom. Claire Danes in My So Called Life, embodied teenage style of the '90s that is still referenced today. But above all, Audrey Hepburn in many of her films has represented true style and class.

CF: How would you define your personal style?

MI: This has always been such a difficult question for me to answer because I don't think I have a definitive style! I take inspiration from many different sources and love a wide range of trends and they all kind of mash up into what I wear. I'm a mix of romantic, hipster, edgy, tomboy and bohemian… I cover a great deal of the fashion spectrum!

CF: How do you insert your style into a professional dress code environment?

MI: I've never had a set of “work appropriate” clothes. I try and use what I already own and make do with it. But, I try to keep it simple with a few personal touches. I'm obsessed with my oxfords that I obtained from Argentina last summer, so I definitely always like to incorporate those. I wear tons of jewelry everyday and have a large necklace collection. I always like to add a standout piece to make my outfit a little more interesting.

CF: What is your blog about?

MI: My best friend and I created this blog called The Eclectics to sum up all of our different interests. It’s a combination of fashion, food and adventures. We wanted an outlet that really represented who we are in a really fun way that our readers would enjoy.

CF: What is in store this fall that will be added to your wardrobe and recorded on your TiVo?

MI: For my wardrobe, I'm dying to get a pair of Hunter rain boots for the inevitable rain season and dresses with Peter Pan collars. As far as what's to be recorded, I'm anticipating the premieres of Pan Am, Person of Interest and American Horror Story.

How To: A great fashion coupling is tom boy details paired with lady like staples. Infuse looks with starting off with a little white dress. This is a piece that will transition through all seasons and is the perfect base to build upon with accessories. Cinch the waist with a neutral belt to define contrast, slip on some braided sandals, and top off with a great fedora. For back to school ensembles or a way to mix it up you can go for a academy blazer and some oxfords to stroll along the halls instead of the bike paths.

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