The perfect outfit for a college Fashionista/o is one that is professional, fierce and casual. It can be difficult putting together a look that covers all three of these bases, but it turns heads when it’s achieved. Take a few tips from this Fashionista, who is fresh from the West Coast. She’s surviving her first fall of Ohio weather and looking fabulous while doing it!

Name: Mikaela Street

Year: Freshman

Major: Strategic Communication & Sports Industry

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?

Mikaela Street: I’m wearing a Forever 21 blazer, Steve Madden combat boots and a basic H&M tank. It’s simple but it worked I guess! Oh and a Stella & Dot arrow necklace. It’s my favorite!

CF: What are the staples of your wardrobe?

MS: I’m from California so I’m not used to dressing for fall weather, but I’m loving boots. Boots and neutral colors like brown. I don’t like accentuating my red hair.

CF: What are your tips for layering for fall?

MS: Well I’ve never done it before, but so far I’ve been wearing autumn-y colors under pea coats and scarves. I haven’t broken out the gloves yet though!

CF: How do you put your outfits together?

MS: Usually when I doze off in class I think of outfits that would look good together and then when I’m home I put them together and see what works.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, start with a basic tank and black riding pants. Layer your tank with a chic form-fitting blazer. Pair it with a delicate arrow necklace and combat boots. Tip: To keep the look simple and classic, slick all of your hair back into a sleek ponytail.

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