Although I always appreciate an individual who daringly combines diverse textures and style genres, I find it rare that all of the elements within their look are cohesive. All too often I encounter a bold attempt which results in a hodgepodge conclusion. This Fashionista demonstrates the beauty of eclectic style. From head to toe Molly brings demeanor to your classics, especially the way she displays her scarf and leather jacket. I find her head scarf to be a clever way to redefine your basic knitted scarf which reminds me of M.I.A.’s famous head wear. I fancy her contrast of presenting “rough around the edges” with her leather coat and “femininity” with her intricately laced top. Molly also ups the ante by unconventionally incorporating a bold cheetah print to her sneaker and strategically incorporates a splash of color from her backpack. She shows onlookers how vast contrast can still allow uniqueness, without disarray.

Name: Molly Bacon

Major: Planning Public Policy and Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where are your pieces from?

Molly Bacon: My head scarf is from a second hand store, as is my vintage shirt. My leather jacket is from Nordstrom. My high-waisted shorts are from American Apparel. My leopard shoes are from Forever 21. My pendent is self-made. And, lastly, my backpack is from Longchamps.

CF: Describe your personal style?

MB: I dress for the moment. Expressive color is essential. I’m really into patterns and I don’t shy from mixing and matching. I also don’t hesitate from over accessorizing. I will admit to being a second hand shopaholic. 

CF: What is your advice on layering techniques?

MB: Shorts and leggings are great. Also don’t overdo it with the layering, make sure each layer has a purpose. In pairing a flannel with my leather jacket I can create two separate looks.

CF: How does your passion of environmental planning affect your fashion?

MB: Because I make conscious decisions on where I am shopping and what I am buying. I hope to get ample use out of everything I wear by recycling all of my pieces. I am always looking for ways to reinvent them.

How To: Attempt to vary your textures by contrasting leather with chiffon and/or a color block with an animal print. Incorporate funk and individuality with a head scarf and a functional yet fashion forward bag.


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