Patterned, silk scarves had a major moment on the runways for spring 2011. Valentino pushed this classic accessory in his seemingly endless, silky collection of mixed prints, designs, and sizes. I found this Fashionista rocking the lanky, silk scarf’s street-style look. She combined her sophisticated scarf of sultry colors with her subversive studded sneakers, vintage sleeveless denim jacket, and minimalist monochromatic silhouette. The gold accents throughout this ensemble brought the mixture of diverse styles into a flawless balance between trendy and simplistic- making her outfit appear effortless. I stopped to chat with this Fashionista to see where she finds her inspiration!

Name: Mondalena Nikc

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology and Organizational Science

CollegeFashionista: What is your “go-to” clothing item or accessory?

Mondalena Nikc: A scarf. Infinity scarfs are the way to go!

CF: How do you pick out an outfit that is both weather appropriate for the brisk spring season, yet colorful and fun?

MN: When it’s sunny out I’m usually happier and dress in brighter colors compared to when its cold and rainy … in that case I just throw on a cozy sweater. Here I have found an in-between look, to mimic the indecisive D.C. weather.

CF: Do you tend to use the fashion media for your style inspiration compass?

MN: My two favorite blogs are Cocoperez and Cashmere and Cupcakes. Who can resist the photography, advertisements, and fashion layouts in Vogue? I like following all of these resources to keep up-to-date on new season trends. I also like to look at clothing stores for the latest styles, because they’re the resources that carry the hot items. I love (they have a lot of cute things), and Barneys (because they carry the brand name items). This spring I am really looking forward to wearing my Geren Ford jumpsuit.

How To: In order to replicate this Fashionista’s stylish springtime look, start with basic pieces that should be a staple in every girls wardrobe: a white top and black skinnies. Add a vibrant silk scarf (either draped around your neck, wrapped into your hair, knotted onto a bag handle, or threaded through belt loops.) Then layer with a surprise piece, like a denim vest from Topshop. It will give the whole ensemble a fun, edgy, ‘90s feel! To complete the look, stop by Upper Echelon Shoes where you can find a variety of funky sneakers (because shoes are your number one accessory to update any look … would Carrie Bradshaw lie?) 

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