As the end of the semester is coming to the end college students are in a frenzy thinking about the future. Many college students are about to enter the real world this summer whether it is an internship or a professional career. And for us College Fashionistas we want to make a fashion statement in that world. This Fashionista gave me a glimpse as to what I would want to look like as a working professional. She was polished and elegant while looking age appropriate and showing her individuality.

Name: Monica Rauch

Major: Entrepreneurial Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Monica Rauch: Simple. A lot of solids and neutrals as base elements and few trending items to make unique.

CF: How do you pull off a professional look while still keeping your own sense of style?

MR: Through shoes and accessories. I love bracelets!

CF: Where do you love to shop?

MR: Banana, Gap, H&M

CF: How has your style changed since coming freshman year?

MR: I’ve developed a habit of shopping for quality and versatility to ensure I can utilize items for work, school, and social attire rather then focusing singularly on each.

CF: What is a fashion staple should every girl have in their closet?

MR: A pair of jeans that can be worn for any occasion.

CF: Who is your fashion icon and why?

MR: Kate Hudson, Sophia Bush, and Mila Kunis. They all pull off classic looks in trendy, clean ways.

CF: If you could raid any closet whose would it be?

MR: Olsen Twins

How To: The way to pull off this great business casual look for your dream career is to make it your own and stay age appropriate. Forget the basic suits and feel free to mix and match! A pencil skirt looks great on everybody and now it is acceptable for them to be above the knee. Pencil skirts are a professional’s best friend and now they come in a variety of prints and colors. Once you have a great base a fun colored, collared button-up will complete the outfit.  Accessorize with great pumps a large bag (briefcases age you) and wrist wear. Throw your hair up in a cute pony and you’ll be set to take over the professional world! Good luck!

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