Being a college student, it can sometimes be hard to put together a versatile and stylish wardrobe without going bankrupt. The key to compiling the perfect wardrobe while in college is all about purchasing staple items. Having your wardrobe consist of a slew of neutral colors allows you to mix and match almost all pieces together! 

Name: Morgan Ferris

Major: Communication Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about you outfit.

Morgan Ferris: I am wearing a black button-up blouse from Von Maur. Skinny low-rise blue jeans from American Eagle, brown faux leather boots from Kohl’s and my jewelry is from Forever 21.

CF: What are you favorite stores to shop at?

MF: I love Forever 21 for its cute yet affordable clothing along with Von Maur for its top brand names at reasonable prices and their trendy clothing choices.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

MF: I wouldn't say that I have a specific style, but I wear what I feel comfortable in and what I like. However, I do tend to wear more neutral colors such as black, white and brown.

CF: What is one item in your closet that you cannot live without?

MF: My jewelry. I love wearing bold or chunky bracelets and necklaces to really bring an outfit together.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

MF: Definitely fall because I love wearing warm, neutral colors and then throwing on a light scarf and boots to finish off my outfit!

How To: The most important staple items to have in your wardrobe consist of exactly what this Fashionista is wearing. A black blouse can be worn with basically any bottom and can even be tucked into a high-waisted waistline. Owning a pair of dark skinny jeans is another item that is key to your college closet. With the cold weather upon us, every Fashionista should have a pair of leather or faux leather boots in a neutral color. After you have a few staple items you embellish any outfit with jewelry or a fashion scarf!

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