Fashionista/os draw inspiration anywhere from seasonal runways to admired pieces of art. Music admirer Morgan Scherban expresses some of her fashion inspirations through outfits. As a fellow colleague, seeing Scherban’s mix of classic and modern pieces almost daily, it seemed unfair to not give her zealous style recognition. 

Name: Morgan Scherban

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: Who is your favorite fashionable musician?

Morgan Scherban: Carrie Underwood.

CF: If you could describe your style in a song, which would it be?

MS: My style would be a mix of "Quelqu' un m'a dit" by Carla Bruni and Tegan and Sarah "The Con".

CF: What’s, in your opinion, the hottest trend this season?

MS: I am really planning to enjoy to the fullest the "lace" trend. I love how the soft texture can really pair up with endless items. I hope it lasts till fall.

How To: For a soft look similar to Scherban’s, try pairing a light-colored V-neck tee tucked into a uniquely patterned skirt. Nasty Gal’s snowflake knit sweater would be an excellent choice. If you prefer longer length, try one of Forever 21’s selections of maxi skirts. A solid colored v-neck tee from Madwell will complete your look and highlight your bold choice of bottom.

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