In life boundaries are needed for structure, understanding and everything else in between that helps us as a society function from day to day. Although that way of thinking is perfectly reasonable in the real world, in the world of fashion boundaries are made to be pushed. Sometimes too much structure or understanding of a specific trend or maybe even a type of design can undermine the ability for creativity in fashion. Yes there are appointed times where it is only right to look the part, but there is always room for taking fashion risks and standing out! This week’s the Fashionista spotlight was on a Merchandising major who is definitely confident in her sense of style. She kept her outfit simple, throwing on a pair of denim shorts, black tank top, a light drape cardigan, a tan head wrap and sandals. Wearing neutral colors like tan and brown, while adding black to the mix, made for a great outfit. She can always be spotted on ECU’s campus wearing what she considers to be most comfortable to her, but also trendy and a style not everyone else may be hip to.

Name: Najah Farooq

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What’s your inspiration in reference to how you dress?

Najah: Usually there is no inspiration for my daily look. I just get up and get dressed.

CF: Would you say you have a passion for fashion?

Najah: You could say that, but I don’t really claim to be fashionable, I just wear what I like.

CF: Do you think girls on campus are more occupied with trying to have the ‘it’ look or trying to dress comfortably?

Najah: I think who someone is has a lot to do with how they dress but it’s very complex. Some people dress to fit in, some people to stand out, some people to be invisible, some to make a point, it goes on. The majority of people are concerned with 'in' fashion which is what makes the industry what it is, but I think there are some who aren't and dress for more personal reasons.

CF: What makes your sense of style stand out?

Najah: I'm not sure what exactly makes my style stand out to be honest. When I dress myself, I don't have a goal of “be fashionable” I just get dressed. I don't have any specific style, it’s kind of just a melting pot of all things. I know that I like to be myself, whoever I am at that moment. I don't really care what's in or out, I just wear what I like.

How To: Want a similar look? These are some great affordable items that can help you out: head wrap, denim shorts, tank, drape cardigan and sandals.

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