During the cold, harsh, snowy winter months we tend to fall into a slump of rolling out of bed in sweatshirts and sweatpants in hopes of maintaining the most warmth possible for the walk to class. During this small snowstorm, I spotted Natalie and applauded her for her cozy, hippy-chic winter look.

Name: Natalie Berger

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Business

CollegeFashionista: What is your essential tip to students walking to class in the brutal snow, but still wanting to stay fashionable?

Natalie Berger: Buying a cute but warm winter coat is key because it is really the only part of the outfit you see when walking to class.

CF: What is your favorite trend for the winter season?

NB: I am in love with chunky knits for their warmth, comfort and style. You don’t really have to try with this specific piece; it comes naturally resulting in an effortless chic look.

CF: What is your key to making your outfit unique?

NB: To mix simple items with more complex ones. For example, I threw on this chain necklace to add some flare to my pretty casual outfit.

How To: To follow Natalie’s advice try this warm ruffle-detailed coat to make a statement in the cold weather. For the trek to class, Hunter Boots keep your feet dry in snow or rain, which Iowa seems to get quite often. To get Natalie’s layering look just mix and match t-shirts with long cardigans which can work with leggings or jeans. So Fashionistas, bundle up in layers and a chic coat, and make the snow covered sidewalks your runway.

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