For me, there are few things that make a warm, sunny day even more enjoyable at any time. Some days a Starbucks Tazo iced tea to indulge in, and a summer-time playlist on repeat can keep me going in between classes. On other days, a light and bright outfit is key for putting that extra pep in my step and motivate me to finish my day strong. This week, I stumbled upon a glowing Fashionista that naturally seemed to embody a similar mind-set when it comes to personal style during these everlasting sunny days.

Name: Natalie Dargham

Major: Interior Design

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: What three words best describe your personal style?

Natalie Dargham: Mismatched, experimental and vibrant.

CF: What does style and fashion mean to you?

ND: I feel like fashion is art. Your body is essentially the blank canvas that you have the freedom to play with and show your individuality. And like art, every style is unique and catered to the artist preference.

CF: Who or what most inspires your style?

ND: Blake Lively and Nicole Richie inspire my style because Blake is so chic, classy and beautiful while Nicole is more boho and artsy.

CF: What are three things in your wardrobe that you can't live without?

ND: My EARRINGS are the number one thing I could never live without. I base my outfits around them. Headbands would be the second — I just recently got into them! And then belts! They accessorize a simple outfit without even trying! All three add that much more spice to it!

How To: To perfect this bold style as Natalie does, aim for a neon colored blouse or pair of shorts. Contrast, with a more neutral counterpart (so, if the neon piece is a top, jeans or dark shorts on bottom will work, and vice versa). To accessorize the look, a bold or colorful shoe will bring variation to the look overall, completed with a boho bag and some light-weight earrings. With these tips, the bright red iced-tea in your cup won’t be the only color catching glances.

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