In a world full of crop tops and micro mini's, it's always refreshing to see a chic spin on a more modest look. Yes, we are far past the days of pilgrim skirts and bonnets (thank goodness), but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to rock your shortest daisy dukes to class. This week's Fashionista shows that sometimes less skin is more! With her wine red maxi skirt and woven skinny belt, this week's Fashionista beautifully illustrated what the phrase bohemian chic really means. She opted to pair the skirt with a black tank top, ruffled cardigan and lastly, but certainly not least, a stunning Mulberry leather bag.

Name: Natalie Hewes

Major: Energy and Business Finance

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your everyday style?

Natalie Hewes: I like to combine conservative classics with a bit of punk and street styles. Something about the juxtaposition of a preppy striped Breton top with a leather jacket or Dr. Martens really does it for me.

CF: What drew you to this maxi skirt?

NH: I bought the maxi skirt because I don't have anything else like it in my closet. I'm really sick of blue jeans, so I try to look for alternative pieces that are just as versatile but more interesting. Plus, its a great transition item for the spring.

CF: What time period would you say is your favorite for fashion?

NH: 1970s .. high-waisted pants, crop tops, big statement jewelry, platform shoes and the dawn of the British punk look from icons like Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols.

How To: If you are newcomer to the maxi skirt trend, try something like this Splendid convertable skirt/dress. If your looking for something with a bit more texture, a layered look like this Free People maxi skirt can be paired with almost anything, especially denim.

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