If this outfit doesn’t say punker chic, then I don’t know what does. Red skinnies, black accents, a denim vest and combat boots—this Fashionista pulled off a tough, yet feminine outfit in such an effortlessly cool way. And even better—the saying that some people’s trash is another’s treasure is true for Nehwoen. She loves to thrift, find amazing goodies at garage sales and put together awesome outfits by mixing and matching. Nehwoen truly has her own look, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Name: Nehwoen Luogon

Major: Marketing & Finance with a minor in Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Nehwoen Luogon: I’m wearing my Steve Madden boots, red Pepe jeans, a shirt from Target, a Gap vest that I thrifted and a brooch and cross necklace I got from a garage sale. My heart necklace was a gift from a friend who’s from Vietnam—she got it for me one time when she was visiting home.

CF: That’s cool that you like to thrift so much—where are some places you go?

NL: Usually at Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange or Savers. There’s also a place in Minnesota called Arc’s Village that I go to. I’ve been thrifting forever; it’s like part of my shopping experience. Plus my mom likes to antique and stuff, so we thrift together.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

NL: I just wear what I want for the most part. I also like things that are slightly ugly and making it pretty. I like to wear things that other people wouldn’t wear.

CF: What’s your go-to item for class?

NL: Probably a scarf or a cardigan. I love fall because I get to wear stuff like that.

CF: Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

NL: I love Korean fashion, so that definitely inspires my look. But I appreciate people who enjoy looking put-together. Even if it’s not a tailored look, I like when you can tell there’s a lot of detail they put into their look.

How to: To pull off Nehwoen’s rugged style this season, invest in some great combat boots—a must-have for this look. Like Nehwoen, top off your outfit with a fun vest. Try a faux fur vest this season for a perfect layering piece.

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