This Fashionista exudes retro-chic. Her outfit looks more like a work of art than daily attire. My attention was immediately drawn to her faded vintage sweatshirt, it looks cozy yet adds a dash of rock-n’-roll. She maintained the retro feel with her torn jean shorts and worn, brown leather boots. She added a dash of personality with her striped high socks visible over the tips of her boots. Her accessories completed the retro-chic vibe—oversized aviators, chunky beaded bracelets and a gray purse with gold detailing. This Fashionista looks ready to head straight to a concert after class.

Name: Nicole Lively

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology Major

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your fashion choices?

Nicole Lively: My fashion choices are usually inspired by whatever I find stuffed into my closet! I like to always reuse staple pieces and update them with fresh accessories.  However, I do really like Nicole Richie's style–I like how relaxed and effortlessly cool she looks.

CF: What is currently your favorite trend?

NL: A trend I love at the moment is colorful jeans and crop tops.  One of my go-to outfits right now is a pair of violet high-waisted jeans with a cropped, off the shoulder t-shirt.  Throw in some long necklaces and sandals and I'm all set!

CF: Where do you typically go shopping?

NL: I shop a lot at Urban Outfitters for trendier pieces and when I'm in Europe I cannot walk by a Top Shop without popping in. 

CF: What fashion staple do you suggest every girl have in her closet?

NL: Boots! I have a boot obsession (my favorite are western boots) but a good, solid, neutral boot will never let you down.  It's one of the things I think should be invested in, cheap boots will only hurt your feet and break your heart.

How To: Get this Fashionista’s look by building your outfit off a vintage T-shirt or sweatshirt, featuring an iconic band or historic logo. Look for clothing that has a worn look—like vintage or thrift pieces. Pair your top with stressed jeans and leather boots. Personalize this look by wearing high socks in an unexpected color or design. Complete this style by layering bulky bracelets or bangles. Look for oversized sunglasses or aviators and a worn-leather purse that you can throw over your shoulder.

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