In the beginning of March, Vogue forecasted the most important upcoming spring trends— classic American, polished denim, pops of color, and new bohemian. Today’s featured Fashionista pulls her inspiration from my two favorite looks of color blocking and traditional American. Her hot pink shorts make her ensemble Spotlight Fashionista worthy, because of their eye catching and ambitious appeal. But she is able to retain an air of sophistication, even with her peppy pink bottoms, because of their polished cut. The rest of this Fashionista’s ensemble consists of a brown and cream color palette with compelling textures of leather and silk, which exemplify a Ralph Lauren-esque American look. Altogether, this Fashionista’s quirky combination of opposite spring trends comes together in a lady-like look, because of her elegant simplicity with playful, pink accents.

Name: Nicole Mills

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

College Fashionista: Where do you look for fashion advice?

Nicole Mills: I like to look for inspiration in celebrities and blogs and then combine the influences from both. One of my go-to blogs is Whowhatwear and as for celebrities, I love Rachel Bilson because of the way she always adds pizzaz to her casual, everyday looks.

CF: What is your go-to piece of clothing or accessory?

NM: I think that a white sweater is a must-have piece of clothing, because I know that I can always depend on it for the perfect layering item. I make sure to have a sweater with me at all times to throw on in case the weather changes, and that’s where my light-weight white sweater comes in. Even more important though are my sunglasses I am obsessed. The ones that I am wearing today are Urban Outfitters, but I would die for Nicole Richie’s sunglass collection.

CF: Is your style influenced by your mood, the season, or the weather?

NM: It is definitely influenced by the season, and summer is my all time favorite season for fashion. The warmth leaves you with so many more ensemble options, because you don’t have to be weighed down by restrictions from the cold (like jackets). Also, I am just in a better mood in the summer and it makes me more excited to plan bright-colored outfits. Lastly, I love that I get to wear shorts and skirts, because with my long legs, pants are always awkwardly short on me.

How To: Click through Vogue’s article Spring 100+ Under $100 for ideas on how to replicate this Fashonista’s must have accessories on a budget (the American style guide starts on slide #1 and the Pop Color style guide begins on slide #56).

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