This week’s Fashionista spotlight shines on Ongell Fereria, a fashion enthusiast of many multitudes. Drawn to the industry for its tireless inspiration, Fereria enjoys expressing every aspect of her personality through the art of dressing. Combining cozy knits with a collegiate-inspired blazer, this week’s Fashionista turns couture into comfortable. Fereria layers like colors of a brick red blazer and primary red cardigan to create a subtle contrast shift with color. Accented by brown leather elbow pads, this Fashionista’s knit blazer coordinates perfectly with a zipper-embellished leather skirt and tribal print wedges. Completed with a vintage saddle bag and cable-knit leggings, Fereria’s ensemble is the ultimate autumn assemblage.

To find out what drives Fereria’s passion for fashion, CollegeFashionista picks her brain for her style inspiration.

Name: Ongell Fereria

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where do you usually find your style inspiration?

Ongell Fereria: I find inspiration from literally just walking up and down the streets and observing people around me. Everyone inspires me, whether it’s someone working at McDonalds or some big CEO at a corporation or just ordinary, everyday people.

CF: What is your favorite trend past or present?

OF: My favorite trend has to be the elbow pads right now. I love these elbow pads.

CF: What is your signature piece or look?

OF: It's literally any type of heel or wedge. Personally, my heels have to be three inches or higher, but I always think a cool heel or wedge can really just take an outfit to the next level.

CF: Do you have any fashion advice for college students in search of their own personal style?

OF: I would definitely tell them that when you wake up, you should put on what you feel beautiful in. Whatever it is, if you feel beautiful in it, that’s the best accessory you can have.

CF: What do you enjoy most about fashion?

OF: I love that I am my own canvas. If I feel like being a preppy boy that day I can put on an argyle sweater and glasses. The next day, I could feel totally girly, and I can express exactly who I am in that moment. I am my own canvas.

CF: Do you have a style icon?

OF: If I had to choose one specific person, I love, love, love Anna De La Russo.

How To: Get this Fashionista's look by layering a blazer over an open cardigan. Opting for a flexible knit blazer like this Fashionista's makes layering up sweaters not only less bulky, but also more comfortable.

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