As a photographer not a lot gets past me, so it was not surprise when this Fashionista caught my eye. I'm a person who doesn't have the patience to craft expertly styled ensembles, so accessories tend to be my saving grace, and I was excited to spot a fellow Fashionista who seemed to think the same way. While her styling skills are far superior to mine, her taste in accessories makes me think we might be soul sisters. From her gorgeous coat and oxford flats to her dining hall designed fork necklace, this Fashionista clearly has a taste for the best in accessories.

Name: Patricia Bruce

Year: Sophomore

Major: Philosophy and Photojournalism

College Fashionista: What is your favourite part of this outfit?

Patricia Bruce: Definitely my coat. I love it. I've been living in Boston but I didn't have a real coat so I just used to layer. Eventually I got a real coat. It just took me a while because I wasn't gonna buy something that I didn't like.

CF: How do you decide which accessories you're going to buy and wear?

PB: I don't really decide I just buy what I like. I did need a nice watch though so I got one. With my bracelets, depending on what I'm wearing I'll usually wear all of them. (I like to make noise when I'm talking with my hands) I change my necklaces fairly often though.

CF: How would you describe your style?

PB: I don't really know, I really do just buy and wear what I like. I like being put together. I do read a lot of fashion blogs though and I pay attention to what is trending, but I won't buy into a trend that I don't actually like.

How To: Patricia's look is definitely one to be coveted. This Rolvenden Coat form Modcloth is a great approximation of Patricia's flared number, and their selection of accessories is nothing to scoff at. These leatherette flats are practically a steal and this key pendant is just right to add that vintage/thrift feel.

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