Usually when it's raining we expect people to be out in the streets in their ultra baggy sweats and slippers; no one likes dressing up when it's gloomy out. However, when you're in New York the streets are constantly filled with stylish ladies and gents…no matter what the weather. This week's Fashionista did not let any rain get in the way of her ultra preppy look. This Fashionista used the layering technique and made this ensemble seem as if it were taken straight off the mannequin. The tan cardigan over a crisp white button-up was layered under a thin cheetah print belt. The belt gave this look a more fun vibe and the orange/turquoise bangles she wore really complimented the neutral tones of the outfit.

Name: Paulina Hana

Major: International Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Paulina Hana: That’s an interesting question. I feel like I have so many different ideas in my head that ultimately become my style. I would say my style is boho-chic, yet it’s still sophisticated. I like to look put together and feminine without seeming as if I tried too hard.

CF: If you could have a shopping spree in three stores which would they be?

PH: Oh, that’s easy; H and M, Anthropologie and C. Wonder.

CF: Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

PH: I am obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian’s style. I would love to raid her closet one day. Oh, and I also love Jennifer Aniston’s style-so simple and sophisticated.

How To: This ultra preppy-chic look is one that will look good on everyone! The first step is finding a cardigan and a button-up that are perfect to layer together. Then find a belt that is either colorful or some sort of print and belt it around your waist- this will not only give you shape but also will add to your outfit. Then it's up to you to accessorize. You can add fun bangles or some chain necklaces.


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