Put some prep in your step. Fashionista Perris Allen was jetting off to class when I spotted her chic, preppy ensemble. The preppy look has been a craze for the past few seasons but this Fashionista adds her own little flair to stand out.

Her look almost seems effortless but there is a method to this Fashionista’s madness. She’s wearing a neutral sweater with colorful embellishments and a striped pink blouse; that’s easily a classic. Her accessories were a cream headband and a casual watch.To complete her look she’s wearing tan flats that mimics the basket weaving design.

Name: Perris Allen

Major: Fashion Business

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite accessory for the fall and why?

Perris Allen: I think my favorite fall accessory is bags; bags are good because you always notice a bag. Like a backpack, even like denim ones and then watches. I think when a person has on a watch it’s really nice. Yeah so I think bags and watches are good.

CF: Where does your inspiration for fashion come from?

PA: I think I look at blogs a lot. I look at The Satorialist, and I look at Fashiontoast, I look at JackandJil blog. I also get a lot of information from people. Just like looking around and I like to look at Ralph Lauren a lot, I like the preppy stuff.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

PA: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, Tophsop, Ralph Lauren and Polo.

CF: How do you intend to stay fashionable in Chicago’s weather?

PA: Nice coats because I think a coat could set you apart. I always wear pants too. Like I have riding pants that are like so warm. They look nice and you look like you’re dressed up even if you are not. Also canvas coats look really nice. 

How To: This Fashionista’s look can be accomplished with this same Ralph Lauren striped blouse in either a pink or a blue. Urban Outfitters has a blue blazer that would look great with a blue striped blouse to go for a different kind of preppy. As far as her shoes try these gray loafers at Forever 21. Lastly Fossil has some casual watches to set off your look.

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