This Fashionista embraces the sun-shining heat and the spring wind's breeze with an effortless cool look. Spotted working an Active Minds event in Dunn Meadow promoting a stress-free life style, this Fashionista’s wardrobe is definitely stress free. Her distressed shorts speak volume as she contrasts them against a simple three-quarter length sleeve tee. Dressed up with a stone pendant necklace and chic sunglasses, this fire-hot redhead is ready for a fun-filled event!

Name: Rachel Agin

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you like to shop?

Rachel Agin: I love thrift stores, but there aren't that many in Bloomington. I like Urban Outfitters a lot, and I usually just like to stop into random stores if I like what's in the window.

CF: When shopping, what do you find yourself looking for most?

RA: I'm a pretty spontaneous shopper, so I end up just buying whatever I think is cute. I usually end up looking at accessories after I try stuff on, and I have a bunch of big necklaces and rings that are usually impulse buys.

CF: What are you most excited about for summer fashion?

RA: In the summer I love going to concerts and wearing sundresses or jean shorts and a flowy shirt. I also just gave a lot of my summer clothes to my little sister, so I'm excited to go shopping and buy new ones!

CF: How do you expect your style to change once you graduate?

RA: I'm moving to New York City for graduate school, so I will probably branch out a little and be more experimental. My style at school is very laid back and comfortable, but there are some things in my closet that are more trendy that I would be more likely to wear in a big city.

How To: Steal this Fashionista’s everyday look by pairing similar distressed denim shorts with a basic tee. Or, take the ensemble a step further by pairing a fringed cropped top with high-waist, extra distressed shorts. Throw on a necklace and over-sized shades and you’re dressed to show your campus that grunge can be chicer than chic.

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