I was drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit because it is not dictated by the notoriously unpredictable weather of the North West. Given the rain, sleet, wind and chill of Eugene, there is a great desire for students to grab their leggings and rain coats to comprise an outfit. Let’s just say that the go-to outfit does not entail mini-skirts. Rachel certainly does not hold back. She shows the perfect amount of leg, presenting the right mix of both provocative and refined with this outfit. I love her choice in wearing a fishnet as opposed to a classic tight, which significantly divvies up the look. Her buckled boots are charming and can be seen in all their glory because of the skirt’s length. Rachel’s leather jacket is mod and aligns with the edgy feel throughout her look. Her scarf adds just the right amount of pigment, not overpowering the look but is a key element. Rachel’s ensemble shows onlookers how to show a little skin regardless of the typical erratic weather.

Name: Rachel Parker

Major: Human Physiology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you differentiate your style from others?

Rachel Parker: I’m not overly flashy but I like to show a lot of leg.

CF: What are your essential stores you shop at?

RP: I like H&M and online shopping like KarmaLoop and Lookbook.

CF: Would you say you follow trends or create them?

RP: I wear what I like, whether it’s considered trendy or not.

How To: To recreate a look like Rachel’s, find a mini-skirt at a length that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Pair this skirt with fishnets or any sort of tight — possibly a patterned tight or knitted one. Find boots with an accentuating feature, like the buckles she has on hers. For the upper half of your look, find a simplistic cami to go with a sharp leather jacket. Finish off the look with a scarf that drapes around the neck and adds the necessary color to the outfit.

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