Some Fashionistas allow themselves to splurge on luxury garments while others tend to take a greener (and cheaper) approach by thrifting and raiding friends’ closets in search for that one item to complete their summer wardrobe. Thrifting isn’t for everyone though; it takes a dedicated Fashionista to rummage through rack after rack of used clothing. A true bargain-hunter understands that when it comes to thrifting, there are good days and bad days and seeking out the perfect item can often be like finding a needle in a haystack. While some Fashionistas often come out of a day of thrifting frustrated and empty handed, others can come out triumphant, much like this eco-friendly Fashionista who found her fun summer dress at a clothing swap.

Name: Rachel Short

Year: Graduate

Major: Anthropology

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your dress.

Rachel Short: Well, I don’t know too much about it. I got it at a clothing swap I participated in with a group of friends. We all brought items from our closets that we didn’t wear anymore and searched through each other's things. My friends and I do clothing swaps once or twice a year and whatever is left over goes to Goodwill. This dress has no tag. I think it was homemade.

CF: What style are you looking forward to rocking this summer?

RS: Well I just purchased this hat that I'm wearing and I have another floppy, brimmed hat at home that I love. I think my summer style will consist of short shorts and dresses paired with wedges. Dresses are so easy and keep me cool. Wedges are my new obsession because they are so comfy and give a short girl like me a little height.

CF: Where do you tend to shop for clothes?

RS: I try to stay away from commercial stores. I like to support local boutiques in the Iowa City area like InBox and Revival. I am also addicted to browsing the Anthropologie website. I never buy anything, but it is a good way for me to find outfit ideas.

How To: A successful thrift store find is often easier said than done and isn’t for everybody. A clothing swap is a simple and fun way to ease into thrifting while still remaining eco-friendly. Bloggers like Jessica from What I Wore and Kendi from Kendi Everyday love participating in blogger swaps and some Fashionistas have even turned clothing swaps into a business. Be sure to check for a clothing swap near you or simply organize a small swap on your own. If your friends are Fashionistas like you, you are bound to find a diamond in the rough.

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