It was such a pleasant day on campus with the sun out and everyone looking very stylish and fabulous. While I was thinking of what I would want to write about, I caught a Fashionista in blue pants. I've been eyeing out on colored pants as well, but was afraid to even try it on thinking I would not match. But today's Fashionista inspired me to try something new.

Name: Ramona Penala

Major: Sociology and Global Political Economy

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Ramona Penala: It varies day to day, and it definitely depends on the weather. I'm from California so I like to wear warm weather clothes, like I would layer a lot instead of just one big thick jacket.

CF: What do you think the hottest trend is in 2012?

RP: Mixing lace with heavier material; it's like juxtaposing feminism with basic materials. I also love cutout oxford shoes.

CF: What are some styles you don't want to see around campus anymore?

RP: Sweats and UGGs.

How To: What other great way is there to brighten up during a sunny day than to “add a pop of color“? It seems that many Fashionistas/os are adding a bit of color in their style this year to maximize their fashion looks. As I mentioned earlier, I was hesitant to try on colored pants myself even though I wanted a pair. However, when I saw the colorful trend around campus, it not only inspired me to get a pair, but also brightened up my day. I think that when we dress in certain colors and styles, it relates to our mood. Something about the colored pants make that person wearing it look more happy and cheerful. Start with colorful blue denim, then if you think you are ready to pop, try this amazing red pants.

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