Today’s Fashionista is comfortable and fashionable in this warm, chic look. Fashionista Ray Schmieg was spotted on Michigan Avenue jetting off to class when I noticed her unique look. This is the season to be bundled up but who says you can’t still be a Fashionista in 30 degree weather?

Ray wears an orange cropped sweater top paired with a brown pencil skirt that has a sleek little design. She rounds out her look with a pair of burgundy tights and some beige little booties.

Name: Ray Scmieg

Major: Music Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How do you stay fashionable in these harsh temperatures?

Ray Schmieg: If I wear skirts I definitely have to wear tights and socks. I like to wear boots, high boots because they keep you warm. Then sweaters, really fun colors with cool patterns.

CF: How does your major influence your sense of style?

RS: For sure, when I’m doing music business stuff I obviously want to look good but I want to have more of a professional look so I take it more seriously. I don’t usually wear things because it will make me look hot.

CF: What do you want to do with music business?

RS: I really like live music so I want to do tour managing owning my own venue or something along those lines.

CF: Describe your personal style?

RS: I watch Gossip Girl a lot so I would say a lot of stuff is inspired from that and I like skirts and patterns and colors.

How To: This is a fun, easy look that can be accomplished many different ways — it truly depends on your personal style. Start with this funky little sweater pullover from Urban Outfitters and then this plain gray pencil skirt  from Forever 21. For the shoes, Topshop has some really nice leather booties that go great with this outfit. Lastly, here are some burgundy tights from Forever 21 that will be perfect for the look. You can also add accessories as well to make this look even more fun.

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