All Fashionistas with either a Twitter or Instagram account, or just an affliction for fashion magazines, bow down to the social media style icon Eva Chen. On her worst day, the Teen Vogue editor sends out only five ’grams and ten tweets via her linked account @evachen212.

Miss Chen has a style as killer as her beauty regimen, filled with Isabel Marant and Proenza Schouler. Yet somehow her looks seem accessible, even for a college audience. Okay, not her multiple glitter Miu Miu shoes… But her fashionable and comfortable (gasp!) style can be.

With a good pair of leggings (maybe with some patchwork leather), a slightly oversized thrift store sweater, black high-tops and slicked back hair, a Fashionista can get that “I’m cooler than you and I can move” look.

Name: Rebecca Hwang

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Rebecca Hwang: I want to say lazy (laughs), but casual-cozy.

CF: What’s your favorite fall item?

RH: I can’t really decide. It’s between boots and scarves.

CF: Do you aim to achieve a certain look when you get dressed?

RH: I really like to layer stuff. I play around with different lengths. Like if I have a long shirt on, I’ll put on a cropped sweater. Things like that.

CF: What’s the key to looking casual-cozy as opposed to tired and frumpy?

RH: I try to make sure one thing looks good — my clothes or my hair. I do. Or I’ll focus on my makeup and my clothes. Something needs to look good (laughs).

CF: What stores do you frequent?

RH: Thrift stores. Online — Rue La La. And I’ve recently been into ASOS.

How To: To get the casual Eva Chen look, pair an ivory chunky knit sweater over leggings and a pair of cool black leather ankle boots. Accessorize with a simple gold bracelet and earrings and, of course, your statement piece: a bold graphic scarf.

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