Don't get me wrong; I'm very against pair-by-the-garment outfits. But there comes a time (at least once a week for me) when you wake up a little too late, whether by snooze or ineffective alarms, and have 10 minutes to brush your teeth, put on your makeup, get dressed and possibly finish that chem lab write-up if you procrastinate (like me). 

It's times like these when basic outfits save the day.

The great thing about these generalized outfits is that you can put your own flair into them. In fact, they basically beg you to. I beg you to. Play with textures and patterns and colors. Wear oxblood jeans with a chunky alpaca camouflage sweater and a nude, loose chambray tank. Switch riding boots for a pair of studded combat boots or patent leather Doc Martens. You can keep the leather jacket plain (it's classically cool James Dean), or wear a distressed, shearling lined one.

This is America — it's your prerogative. 

Name: Rebecca Shinners

Major: Advertising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Rebecca Shinners: I'm not sure. I just transferred from Tulane University, so I'm used to dressing for extremely warm weather. Now that I'm up here where it's much colder, I am looking to layer a lot.

CF: What do you think of the style here at BU?

RS: I really like it. I feel like everyone gets dressed up for class, which they did at Tulane, but in more of a Southern way. Up here, it's a bit more like home [Long Island, NY] in that everyone dresses very preppy and East Coast.

CF: What are your favorite fall garments?

RS: Sweaters! I haven't had the chance to wear them in so long. Also, leather riding boots because they go with everything. For fall, I just really like dressing in dark colors with a pop of color.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

RS: Urban Outfitters, LF and Forever 21.

How To: To get this quintessential fall outfit, pair jeans with a colorful tank under a sweater and leather jacket. Snazz your bottom half up with a pair of leather riding boots. Simple enough.

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