Fall is all about the art of layering, just ask Man Repeller, who makes layering cross-seasonal. This week’s Fashionista Reilly found a way to bundle up without a coat. In fact, her denim and lace jacket was my favorite part of the outfit. I love how Reilly looks so comfy yet urban chic at the same time; With a shed of a layer, you have a whole new look!

Name: Reilly Sakai

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Film & Business at Gallatin

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Reilly Sakai: My boots were a present from my mom. I've had them since high school, so they've been through a lot. My socks and my sweater were both from the online boutique,, and my dress is from My denim jacket is from Urban Outfitters, and my purse is Miu Miu.

CF: Do you think moving to NYC from LA for college changed your style, and how?
RS: In high school, people always told me I dressed very East Coast, but I think the move definitely did change my style.  I think I dress up more than I used to, and I have also gotten more daring with my style choices.

CF: What/who inspired your look?

RS: Fashion blogs like Song of Style, Fashion Toast and This Is Not New really influence my style.  As for the knee-high socks, I have no idea what sparked it, but I've been obsessed with them lately, I wear a different pair almost every day. They are perfect in this weather, right before it gets too cold, and I have to break out the snow gear.

CF: Where do you usually look for fashion inspiration?
RS: I definitely look to my friends and my fashion blogs for inspiration.  People watching also influences my style. I always see people on the street and think about how I can mix their style with mine. 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RS: I feel like my style is an odd mixture of East and West Coast because I'm always mixing comfortable laidback clothes with fancy eclectic accents.

CF: What’s your experience like with the fashion industry?
RS: I was initially going to study fashion and film in Gallatin, before deciding to switch my focus off of fashion. My step-mom is a designer so I've been around it for a long time. I've held various internships in the fashion world and fashion will always be an important part of me.

How to: Layering gives you plenty of ways to stick out and make your look very personal. To capture Reilly’s look, start with a polka dot dress. Layer with any sweater, and then you can wear a denim jacket, or Reilly’s specific lace one, as your outermost layer. Comfy sweater socks and a beanie will be the perfect fall touches.

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