Sometimes less really is more.  When going to an early class, though it is ideal, it is almost always impossible to dress in a way that will make people envy you.  I know that for myself there are times when I have fifteen minutes before my first class and I try on a million different, somewhat complex outfits and nothing seems to satisfy me.  The only solution I have found to this is dressing simply.  Dressing simply looks effotless, classic and timeless with the right colors and cuts.  For example, a plain boat neck shirt, cigarette jeans and flat shoes may sound uninteresting, but in the end that outfit will stand out because of how clean, put together and class it looks.  This Fashionista was wearing a similar but more modern take on the outfit I just described and it looks great in the pictures and even better in person!  The way to make simple outfits like this one look divine is to know your body type and know what colors look good on you.  Accessorizing properly is another key trick too.  This Fashionista opted for a pair of black skinny jeans, a cornflower blue dolman sleeved top and a pair of flat, black, patent leather sandals.  What is really great about the sandals is that they are patent leather, which s generally a type of leather used more during the fall and winter seasons.  The patent leather makes the sandals not quite as dressed up as a pair o ballet flats, but at the same time not as casual as a pair of flip flops.  Her hair was pulled back into a wispy ponytail to show off her great tan form the early Charleston summer which goes more than perfectly with the color of her shirt.  With her jewelry, this Fashionista once again dresses up, but at the same ime dresses down.  She mixes two more causla wooden beaded bracelets that also have randomly placed silver and gold beads, a gold cuff with an Italian good luck phrase written on it, and her every day silver ring.  All in all, this Fashionista achieved what is ideal for a casual outfit; efortless chic.  Though intricate outfits are always interesting and shows a fashionista's creative side, simple and classy outfits are just as fashionforward!

Name: Rose Green

Year: Freshman

Major: Special Education

CollegeFashionista: Do you usually put a lot of thought into your outfits?

Rose Green: Not really because I usually pick out what I am wearing the morning of!

CF: How would you describe your style?

RG: I would describe it as comfy casual or something a long those lines! I love big shirts and other super comfortable items!

CF: What is one item that you cannot live without?

RG: My diamond earrings because they were my grandmothers and I wear them everyday!

How To: To recreate this simple, classy, casual outfit pair a loose comfy top with patent sandals (here are the sandals Rose was wearing), your own personal jewelry, and pair of bottoms.  For the top I would suggest anything from Brandy Melville! It is one of my favorite stores and their specialty is tops that look and feel absolutely amazing (and now you can shop online there too!)


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