Christmas music playing in every store, festive lights twinkling in the night, mid-December is the most wonderful time of the year — unless you happen to be a college student in the midst of finals. The piles of work that mount as the semester comes to an end leaves most understandably exhausted, and ready to forgo those skin-tight leather leggings and high-heeled boots for loose-fitting sweatpants and Ugg Boots. Yet, as Fashionista Rose Schutzberg’s demonstrates, comfort can easily translate into a chic, clean and simple ensemble. Combing a pair of tailored dark-washed skinnies with a classic black Lacoste sweater and white button-up blouse, Rose looks put together without going too over-the-top — her outfit is appropriate for class and for those late-night study sessions at the library. Her accessories — from the gold hoops and glittering ballet shoes to the lipstick, red watch and headband — add the perfect pop of color, and convey her sense of effortless city-style. No reasonable Fashionista is going to sport her most cutting-edge couture to that 9:00 a.m. exam, but, as Rose proves, they’ll most certainly rock comfort right.

Name: Rose Lisa Schutzberg

Major: Pre-Med

Year: 2015

CollegeFashionista: How has college influenced your style?

Rose Schutzberg: Everywhere I look someone is making a statement with what they're wearing. It's impossible not be influenced by everyone I see. I especially love seeing people in the morning, freshly put together, ready to take the day by storm with what they're wearing!

CF: Who/What serves as your fashion inspiration?

RS: My mom has to be one of my greatest fashion inspirations, because a lot of what I wear is actually hers. Also, I'm a huge fan of that classic Chanel look  black with deep red lip stick and nail polish. I always wear black for its ability to be simultaneously simple and sexy! The biggest inspiration, howver,  would have to be what I see in the 'Sunday Styles' section of The New York Times. The street shots of fashionable New Yorkers have never let me down!

CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop in the city? At home?

RS: At home I really love to shop at this boutique called Nomad, where the clothes range from big lables like Free People to more unknown brands, but everything is unique. Also, I do a lot of online shopping, because some of my favorite clothes come from some of my favorite French labels. In the city, I'm a huge fan of H&M and Zara.

CF: What have been some of your favorite trends these past few seasons?

RS: Mid-calf motorcycle-chic boots  have really grown on me  for some reason, they shape everyone's legs so nicely! Also, whenever something black appears in the 'Sunday Styles' section, I'm always a guaranteed fan.

How To: The best thing about classic combinations is the freedom to change them around. There seems to be nothing more all-American than blue jeans and a white T-shirt, but Rose adds more than a bit of Parisian chic to her ensemble by mixing things up with her black sweater and red and gold accessories. The timelessness of the fashion stand-by remains, but with just a few personal touches, a whole new feeling is conveyed. Sport a pair of colorful opaque tights underneath your basic LBD, wear a vintage printed silk scarf with your neutral toned cardigan and blouse, adorn your tailored navy blazer with a bunch of broaches and baubles. The options are endless, so long as you assure the spirit of that classic combination shines through.

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