A monochromatic outfit is all about taking cohesiveness to the next level. Choosing a singular color to base an entire ensemble around can be intimidating, as there is a delicate line between being boring and being drowned in the color of choice. I saw this Fashionista pulling off such a task on her way back from an appointment. Choosing different shades of blue creates an exciting and interesting theme within her outfit. While this could easily be overdone, sticking with a neutral top and flats ensures that she stays chic.

Name: Roselyn Mathews

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Roselyn Mathews: I am wearing a pair of Current/Elliot jeans, a C&C California long sleeve shirt, Massimo Dutti leather jacket, BCBG flats, and a Longchamp tote bag.

CF: What is your best advice for dressing for spring?

RM: Layer, layer, layer! Since moving to D.C. I have noticed that the weather here is never consistent and you can avoid weather flop by simply adding a sweater.

CF: What is a staple item in your wardrobe?

RM: A leather jacket is always my go-to. You can wear a leather jacket with jeans during the day or with a fun going out dress at night — it completely changes the look. It’s an essential piece!

How To: Dressing monochromatically can be done at all different levels. To take a more subtle approach, like this Fashionista, choose a few key items to base your outfit around. Pick a pair of colored denim pants. If they have a pattern, even better because it keeps the outfit from looking boring. Carry this color throughout your outfit by incorporating accessories, such as a bag, within the same color scheme, but of a different shade or hue. Choosing a neutral top lets the colors do all the work and keeps your outfit looking stylish and effortless!

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