It was refreshing to see absolutely no black in this Fashionista’s outfit. Instead of gravitating towards dark neutrals, which is a guilty habit for many this time of year, this Fashionista rocks a pair of deep purple boots, a beige coat and a jumper whose color is either pale mint or washed out sea foam green, I can’t decide. The boots really anchor the outfit and offset the lightness of the jumper. They’re a unique color, and since they’re over-the-knee and will provide some extra warmth, these boots are the best footwear option for outfits that don’t involve pants. I imagine them going perfectly with sweater dresses and also leather or wool shorts, those fall/winter shorts that you struggle to wear regularly.  Plus, as this Fashionista demonstrates, they allow you to wear your addictively comfortable rompers from last season with ease.

I love how her outfit is simple and minimal but also a little sassy. She limits the accessories and keeps her hair undone. Altogether her look definitely stands out, no one else on campus was wearing this outfit.  Read more about this unique Fashionista, below.

Name: Roya Sachs

Major: History

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Roya Sachs: It’s colorful, kind of urban with jumpsuits, backless dresses, a mixture.

CF: What are your favorite stores?

RS: Topshop mainly and also Reformation on Ludlow.

CF: What in particular do you like about Topshop?

RS: Pretty much the jumpsuits and the backless dresses.

CF: Do you have favorite trends this season?

RS: I’m actually going into my long winter coats with a little bit of leather on them, and also dark, burgundy, brown colors.

How To: Wear a great pair of over-the-knee boots with a fun romper. Check out the Animal Cutout Playsuit from Topshop or for a more understated print try the Ecote Burnout Fringe Romper from Urban Outfitters. Then layer on a light cardigan underneath a wool coat. The Academy coat from J.Crew comes in a variety of colors! As always, go crazy with tights, socks and accessories to warm and spice up your outfit as you wish. Tall boots with a short romper might become your new favorite outfit to play with. 


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