FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Sabina Armstrong-Loscalzo

Who would have thought shorts aren't just for summer? Here, in DC, it stays warm almost through November, but I happened to spot this Fashionista on a particalarly warm day. It was so refreshing to see someone in none other than floral shorts! I had gotten so used to the sight of long dark pants that this Fashionista stuck out to me like the first blooming flower in spring. I loved the way she paired her flowy floral shorts with a tough quilted leather jacket, perhaps paying homage to the infamous quilted Chanel bag that she also totes. Her soft blush pink ballerina flats were the perfect finish to her ensemble as it allowed the rest of the outfit to speak for itself.

Name: Sabina Armstrong-Loscalzo

Major: International Affairs

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What trends are you looking forward to for winter?

SAL: I am loving fur accents, whether its jackets, scarves or vests. I've been seeing it around a lot lately and love the look. It's so easy to wear with a simple outfit.

CF: What's your style philosophy?

SAL: My style philosophy is simple: never throw anything away; you can always find use for something. I can't tell you how many of my favorite pieces of clothing are my mothers from highschool.

CF: What's your favorite fashion decade?

SAL: I would probably say the '70s. I love the florals, blouses and high-waisted pants! Probably three of my favorite things!

How To: Pair floral shorts with a leather jacket and nude flats. As the season gets colder, try adding tights to stay cozy and chic!

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