Getting dressed in the morning I automatically check to see if my outfit is temperature appropriate. With the dramatic difference in temperatures of 65 degrees one day to an unexpected high of 45 the next day, choosing an outfit becomes quite dependent on the temperature. This Fashionista’s embroidered vintage-style coat with metallic stitching is the perfect coat for a gloomy day. The metallic flower detailing makes for a sophisticated yet girly look. Her chunky knit underneath is the perfect option for class and a great contrast with her coat.

Name: Sadie Fahn

Year: Sophomore

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: What is something in your wardrobe that you can not live without?

Sadie Fahn: My copper colored cardigan because it goes with so many other colors in my wardrobe. It can also make for completely different looks – depends on what my mood is.

CF: How would you describe your style?

SF: When I’m not in my scrubs, my style is pretty laid back. I wear a lot of loose, draping clothing that resemble a bohemian style.

CF: Which are your favorite stores to shop at in Iowa City?

SF: Inbox and Lylas because they have trendy clothes at an affordable price.

How To: Sadie surprised me when she told me her jacket was from Urban Outfitters; it could have been mistaken for vintage! This jacket from Anthropologie resembles the old fashioned look in a lighter color for spring. Underneath, layer with this lightweight chunky knit from Forever21. The embroidered coat is classic and will be a perfect option no matter what the current trend is.

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