Even though it’s officially fall and most of the leaves have fallen, Iowa City’s temperature is still that of mid-August. Dressing cool enough for class may be challenging for those Fashionistas who chose not to sport cotton shorts and an old t-shirt from high school. The key to this fashion dilemma is a balance. This particular Fashionista pairs dark skinny jeans with a sheer open cardigan, which is a great alternative to a stuffy sweatshirt. Sheer pieces have been exhibited on more runways that ever as many designers have been showing a lot of sheer dresses and skirts. American Apparel also features multiple chiffon skirts in a variety of colors along with Topshop that has layered maxi skirts with a short mini skirt underneath a sheer layer. It’s sheer brilliance if you ask me.

Name: Samantha Daly

Year: Senior

Major: Education

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Samantha Daly: I’m just wearing dark skinny jeans, a yellow tank top and a sheer cardigan from Nordstrom. I’m also wearing a pair of nude ballet flats. They’re definitely one of the most used items in my closet because they go with almost everything.

CF: Who is your favorite designer and why?

SD: I’d probably say Michael Kors. He designs very trendy items, but also items that someone could wear often and for each season. I really love my white Michael Kors watch that I’m wearing today.

CF: What is your must-have item for fall?

SD: Cardigans and cute sweaters are at the top of my list. I’m not really one to wear big sweatshirts so I think cardigans are pretty important for fall. They’re also really versatile. I also really like ballet flats because it’s too cool to wear sandals, but definitely not cold enough to wear boots yet.

How To: To begin replicating this Fashionista’s stylish ensamble, look for a patterned open cardigan that’s sheer like one from Topshop. Pair this with a simple tank top and dark skinny jeans. Sheer tops, specifically button-ups, are another item that I’ve seen a lot on campus this season. H&M and Zara carry many sheer tops and cardigans that are perfect for fall. Another staple item in any Fashionista’s closet is nude shoes. Look for nude ballet flats like this Fashionista’s at J. Crew. Lastly, the perfect accessory to any outfit is a watch. Noticeably, Michael Kors designs flawless watches that every Fashionista should invest in.


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