I am no weather woman, but I can confidently say that we have had some uncharacteristically gorgeous weather in Boston this winter. But although the sun is shining, the wind chill is a constant reminder that we still have a few weeks before spring officially begins. Chances are, you are about as confused about what to wear as Mother Nature is about the weather right now. Always remember, when in doubt layer! On the first day of my journalism class this semester, my professor said, “If you will learn one thing during your time at BU, it will be to layer.” And he is, as most BU professors are, completely right.

Fashionista Samantha Reyes has clearly mastered the art of layering during her time at BU; she stays warm, but still cool, in her polished pink prep-layered-upon-prep look. She added a pop of color to her outfit — which is very on-trend thanks to stylist Brad Goreski — with a preppy bright pink, bubblegum collared shirt and kept the rest of her layers black. She also layered black opaque tights under delicate black lace shorts (side note, I am absolutely obsessed with layering tights under shorts). And remember my fellow Fashionistas/Fashionistos, the details are what make all the difference. I mean, did you see how Samantha painted an accent nail the color of her shirt? Once again, I will say that I am obsessed.

Name: Samantha Reyes

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Samantha Reyes: I definitely do not like to over think my style; I like to wear whatever is easy. At the same time, I like to look very put together and very pink. My wardrobe consists of piles of dresses; I hate pants, they take too much effort.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

SR: Madewell, Mint Julep, H&M and Forever 21.

CF: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

SR: My mom is super stylish and I always steal her clothes. In fact, this Tory Burch cardigan is from her closet. She always says, “When you wear jeans, you have given up on life,” so she has definitely made me a bit of a crazy person about my style; I think I’ve always been a little too dressed up for anything since I was young. I also had a dress code in high school, so that really forced me to dress formally. Also, in terms of style icons, I really look up to Emma Watson.

CF: How has your style changed since you came to Boston from Miami?

SR: Boston and Miami are two completely different fashion worlds. Obviously the climate change was a major adjustment for both my wardrobe and me: I had to learn the difference between summer and winter clothes. At home in Miami, I wear more shorts and summery dresses. Here, I have definitely learned how important a pair of tights can be; they change the overall look and feel of the outfit and, of course, they can make any outfit warm.

CF: What role do you think fashion and style have in society?

SR: Fashion can create such a wonderful demeanor, or can do the opposite. The way you dress definitely gives other people a sense of who you are and what you value. It can make people seem cool, sweet or sexy. Everyone says I dress very girly, which probably only makes me seem younger, but I’m okay with that.

How To: To get Samantha’s positively darling prep on prep look, start with a pink collared blouse, a pair of black lace shorts and black opaque tights. Layer on a simple Tory Burch black cardigan (if you can steal it from your mom, that’s a plus) and a classic black peacoat to keep warm. Then layer different necklaces and bracelets. Keep some sweet for your feet with these pink and orange color block flats. And just like that, you have outsmarted Mother Nature.

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