A bustier is a rare daytime find on a college campus. A white lace bustier may make many of you recall Madonna circa “Like a Virgin,” but this Fashionista’s bustier was modern and classy enough to wear to a seminar class. Her look incorporates lace, a huge trend currently, while still having an air of sophistication. I would love to see more bustiers being rocked at Pomona; they are daring, trendy, and flirty.

Name: Samantha Stewart

Major: Math

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Who or what influences your style?

Samantha Stewart: I’m from New York City, so it would be a lie if I said the city itself wasn’t a huge fashion influence. My older sister is also a huge style icon of mine. She has her own blog Opal by Opal and I really admire her fashion sense. We always share clothes and fashion tips!

CF: Do you have any fashion blogs that you would recommend?

SS: Carla’s Closet for sure! Her fashion sense is timeless and the overall atmosphere on her blog is really classy. I definitely aspire to have her sense of style when after I graduate.

CF: If you had to describe your style in three words what would they be?

SS: Classy, Colorful and NYC chic

CF: What is one trend for this season that you are excited to wear?

SS: For the spring semester I am really trying to incorporate lace into my wardrobe. All though I have a lot of it already I’m looking to acquire more colored lace. I’m also trying to find more vintage pieces.

How To: Wearing a bustier is sure to garner some attention so you might as well wear a bold color, such as electric blue and really stand out of the crowd. NASTY GAL offers a cutout bustier that is both bold and modern. Your top should be the main attraction so pair sleek cropped pants with sleek loafers. Adding a strong structured bag and a loose cardigan will pull your look together and keep you warm in the air-conditioned classrooms.

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