The cold shoulder has been a cultural taboo for many years now and has, in short, gotten a bad rep. No one wants to be in a situation where he/she has to give the cold shoulder and no one especially wants to be on the other end — receiving it. Even the beloved Adele — whose songs articulate the raw feelings of love, heartbreak and life — sings about the dreaded and ego-shattering cold shoulder. Somehow the fashion industry has taken this undesired action and turned it into a very desired spring trend. Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren are only two of the many household names making an appearance of the open shoulder trend on the runway. Attitude inevitably transpires when giving the cold shoulder and is paralleled in the trend, but has transformed from an emotion into a lifestyle. This Fashionista exuberates with confidence and attitude translating via her style, and, ironically, I want her cold shoulder (blouse)! The small touch of her exposed scapula is indubitably sexy, as well as her long legs, tanned skin and luscious hair. Asking her to be this week's subject is seemingly arranged by the fashion gods. Not to be too cliché, but as her hair waved in the wind and the sun reflected flawlessly, I couldn't help but notice the perfection of the situation; it was as if she was being photographed for the next Vogue cover.

Name: Sarah Altajar

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Every Fashionista (and girl for that matter) is aware of what she likes and doesn't like to accentuate when picking out an outfit. What do you like to show off most (i.e., legs, midriff, feet, shoulders, etc.), and what shows it off the most?

Sarah Altajar: I am very comfortable accentuating my midriff so crop tops have become a staple in my wardrobe recently. I also love shoulder cutout tops because I think the amount of skin that they reveal is just perfect and they are a pleasant change from the off the shoulder look.

CF: I think a guy can be sexy from his outfit alone. Describe your ideal clothing choice for a man.

SA: I think it's more attractive when a guy dresses up a little. My ideal man would be wearing dark jeans with a sports jacket or blazer over a white, casual V-neck.

CF: Does your heritage influence your style? To elaborate, do you think that your mother's style has influenced you over the years?

SA: Definitely! I find myself drawn to clothing and accessories that are Middle-Eastern inspired and I think it all traces back to looking up to my mother and her style growing up. I find myself branching out as I get older but there is still a little bit of my mother in my head influencing how I dress.

CF: Your belt and sandals match perfectly, giving your outfit a touch of camel colored accent. When shopping for accessories, do you purchase items based on what you already own so you can include small matching touches to your outfit (like today)? Or do you just buy what you like in the moment?

SA: I usually just buy what I am drawn to in the moment but it is a bonus to find things that match, like in this case with the sandals and shoes — it is so exciting when they do!

How To: The beauty of an open shoulder top is that you can find them in an array of styles. NASTY GAL is the model site to find such a style; it’s edgy, affordable and on-trend. You can go with — but are not limited to — a cutout chiffon blouse, a cutout racer tee or a cutout body suit. This Fashionista has paired her top with a pair of jean skinnies, but your bottom options are endless! Stores like Gap have a large selection of bottoms — from jeans to skirts to shorts — and, in turn, are a great one stop shop. Here are a few pieces for inspiration: skinny jeans, canvas shorts, boyfriend roll-up shorts and/or a pleated skirt. This spring trend will get the boys buzzing and will barely make a dent in your finances.

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