Some students at BU let the gloomy Boston rain get them down in the dumps. I'll admit, it's pretty hard to find peppy students going from class to class when all the sky has to offer is a frown and a whole lot of rain that tends to somehow fall horizontally, making it impossible for any umbrella to serve its purpose.

This Fashionista is an entirely different story, however. Not only does she walk up and down campus with a smile on her face, she does so confidently and oh so fashionably! She's done what most Bostonians do when we don't know what the weather will be like (which is most of the time): layer. She tops her comfy outfit off with a brightly colored scarf and gorgeous leather boots. 

Name: Sarah DiBella

Major: Advertising, Art History Minor

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How does your style impact who you are?

Sarah DiBella: I'd like to think that who I am impacts my style more. I have a lot of artsy pieces from when I was an art student but now I'm leaning more towards classics because I'm starting the job search. But if I had to say how it impacts me I would say it makes me a more comfortable, confident person.

CF: What is your favorite college-friendly piece of clothing?

SD: Scarves and an oversized black sweater.

CF: Where do you usually get good fashion finds?

SD: Piperlime, Gap, H&M and the sale section at Madewell.

How To: Start off with your standard black leggings and add a basic tee, preferably a tunic tee. Find yourself a cozy, warm knit cardigan and add a bright colored cashmere scarf to lightly accent your outfit. Top it off with a great pair of riding boots and a peacoat or poncho and you've got yourself a fashionable outfit for the winter!

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