Even though menswear inspired fashion is one of the biggest trends of the year, I truly feel that this is a look that will always be in style. This Fashionista balanced the right amount of menswear inspired pieces with softer, feminine pieces. Her baby blue sweater and delicate necklace acted as the right girly-er pieces to a patterned collared neck, grey blazar and suade oxfords. Her hair down also helped soften up the look while her aviators kept the look sporty.

Name: Sarah Dmitrovsky

Major: Undeclared

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you incorporate menswear inspired looked into your wardrobe?

Sarah Dmitrovsky: My wardrobe is very simple with classic pieces. For instance, white bottom downs and straight slacks; most of them being easily translatable into menswear.

CF: What recently has inspired you?

SD: I am really interested in how people are starting to button their shirts all the way up, I think that adds some more masculinity to a look.

CF: What trend are you looking forward to for spring?

SD: I'm really looking forward to more minimalism in spring. I think some times people get lost in the extravagance of an item. They lose the importance of foundation and structure in a look. I think The Row and Celine are a great example of how less can be more.

How To: Pair a softer, feminine sweater over your favorite jeans. Add a blazer or jacket and oxfords, or loafers, to complete your menswear inspired look.

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