Max out those cards on one of this year's hottest trends: maxi skirts! Fashionista Sarah Markgraf was outside waiting for class to begin when I spotted her fall color scheme. Her outfit is perfect for fall with the simple complexity of her pieces.

The tribal maxi skirt is the first thing noticed about this outfit because of its colors and the famous length of the maxi skirt. She paired her maxi with a tangelo orange chiffon button-up. A leather jacket adds an element of mystique and her brown boots make this a perfect fall look.

Name: Sarah Markgraf

Major: Fashion Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style?

Sarah Markgraf: I think my personal style is a mixture of old and new. I love everything vintage so I’m constantly resale shopping wherever, even my mom’s closet for whatever I can find. I just try to throw on and make it look good; I don’t have one particular style, I just put on what I see fit for the day.

CF: Has Columbia influenced your style in any way?

SM: I think in a way it made me more conscious of what I put on just because I feel like classes here are like a little fashion show. I’ve always loved fashion, that’s obviously why I’m majoring in fashion business, but I definitely think being on the streets and seen everyday kind of makes you think about what you what to put on.

CF: Who would you consider to be a style icon?

SM: Definitely Rachel Zoe: I love everything about her. While she styles celebrities, I think she has such incredible style of her own and I kind of look to her for inspiration when it comes to what I put on each day.

CF: What do you want to do with fashion business?

SM: I’m not entirely sure yet, I’m kind of dabbling in different things that I may want to do but I don’t have a clear picture yet. Hopefully something that can inspire people and make them want to be excited about clothes, especially for people who normally aren’t.

How To: There are many ways this look can be accomplished depending on your personal style. For the chiffon top, try this button-up at Urban Outfitters because it mimics the deep orange. The maxi skirt can be achieved by this sheer one at LuLu's. Leather jackets seem to be everywhere these days but here is a nice hooded bomber also from Urban Outfitters. Topshop has some great taupe ankle boots that will round out the look.

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