The bigger the better and this season it’s all about the bags. A girl’s best accessory is always her bag. True Fashionistas are never seen without a great bag. From clutches to satchels and totes, a bag is full of necessities and secrets. It quintessentially holds a girls life. This Fashionista caught my eye with her great big colorful bag. Her bag was a statement bag that was perfect for class and adorable all at the same time. Not only was her bag great the rest of her outfit was fantastic as well. With the great sheer blouse in a beautiful jewel tone she looked classy and fierce.

Name: Savanna Haugse

Major: Therapeutic Recreation (Child Life)

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get your bag?

Savanna Haugse: I got it at a silent auction for charity.

CF: What do you always carry in your bag?

SH: My phone, wallet, headphones, and a jacket.

CF: What are you most excited to wear this spring?

SH: Wedges! They look great with any outfit! Bright colored pants as well!

CF: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

SH: Nordstroms and Von Maur are by far my favorite because they always have the latest trends and I love looking at all the designer brands.

CF: Who is your favorite designer?

SH: I love anything Michael Kors and Tory Burch because I think everything like their accessories, purses, and clothes are so cute and trendy.

How To: The way to build an outfit like this Fashionista it all has to start with the bag. Find great patterned totes from Long Champ and Marc Jacobs. Cross-body bags are great to add a splash of color for this spring. And for a great shoulder bag Kate Spade has a bag to rave about. After choosing out your bag pick your outfit out accordingly. Great colored tops are perfect for this season. Akira Chicago has beautiful colored boyfriend inspired tunics that look great on everybody. Pair that with any bottoms are you’ll be set for spring looking fabulous like always.

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