With the warm temperatures that have arrived, sandals and short sleeves have come out of the closet, and coats have been shoved back in. This spring weather calls for bright colors, pattern dresses, and my favorite: wedges. This Fashionista has one of those covered, and it is the bright colors category. Those pants were made to stand out and make a bold statement. I was immediately drawn to the turquois pants that I now want for myself!

These bright poppy colors aren't a new trend. In fact, bright poppy colors became extremely popular again in the fall 2010 collections, and have been making their way through to 2012. Even though these colors are so attention grabbing, it can still be difficult to pair something with those colors. Here, she was able to pair up a grey vest, with a black belt and sandals. Black and grey are definitely some safe colors to play with, but if you think you can step out of the box even more and pair a pink or orange with those pants, go ahead and try it out! I am sure I'll be able to spot you on these Chicago streets.

Lets find out what this Fashionista is all about:

Name: Selena Boyer

Major: Acting

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you sum up your personal style?

Selena Boyer: My personal style is like urban casual. I love thrift stores and good sales!

CF: Where and why did you buy those pants?

SB: I bought these pants at Forever21 about a week ago because they were a great pop of color, and I'm feelin' the springtime!

CF: When it comes to fashion, what is your favorite season?

SB: My favorite season for fashion is definitely spring or fall.

CF: What are some things that inspire your everyday life?

SB: The weather definitely inspires my everyday life, as well as my friends and my mood that day.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wear with the warmer weather on its way?

SB: I can't wait to go barefoot in the grass wearing shorts and a tank top!

CF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SB: In five years I will be in L.A. working as an actress.

How To: Want to learn how to pull off a great pair of pants like these? Places like H&M, and Forever 21 can get you started! Make sure to look at the different outfit pairings they have, so you can bring out those bright pants and rock them this spring.

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