For fellow lovers of puns and fashion, enjoy, as I can only describe this Fashionista’s look as an example of sheer brilliance. From her silver shoes to her American Apparel button-up blouse, Sharon craftily dons an outfit pieced together with the type of subtle creativity that constructs the very nature of style. Despite wearing basic pieces, the Oakland-bred Fashionista combines texture and color to concoct a type of outfit that embodies a fashionably laidback look. For anyone that has heard the warning to “beware of the quiet ones,” apply it to fashion and “beware of the basics.” They can be just as loud, too.

Name: Sharon Bach

Year: Senior

Major: Communication

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Sharon Bach: New vintage, more revival vintage.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

SB: I mostly shop at thrift stores, like low-end thrift stores, Goodwill and The Salvation Army.

CF: Do you have any favorite thrift stores in San Diego?

SB: There’s one in a warehouse called Amvets in the Mission Hills area and it’s a huge warehouse and I always find something good there.

CF: Why do you think a lot of people are moving toward the vintage style?

SB: I feel like fashion is always being recycled and the cheapest way to go is to shop at thrift stores instead of buying like new vintage clothing at like Urban Outfitters and stuff.

CF: What style advice would you give to other people?

SB: Don’t be afraid to go big. Go big or go home. Don’t be afraid to be avant-garde or out of the ordinary.

How To: Yearning to be a part of the sheer brilliance? Sheer tops are a great trick to use if you want to get away with wearing sleeves during the summer. Check out this one from American Apparel. If sleeves, no matter how sheer they are, don’t tickle your fancy, then go for a sleeveless shirt. Or take Sharon’s advice and go big with a sheer draped muscle tee from Nasty Gal.

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