They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but Shaterra Overton’s funky, fun and fearless ensemble perfectly encapsulates the booming Texas-bred personality hidden inside. Just like the Fashionista herself, this outfit is a perfectly charming mix of mismatches — the monochromatic lepord print dress cinched with a dark brown woven leather belt, the rugged, muted green army boots alongside the tailored vibrant, Longhorn-orange blazer and the bohemian feather earring paired with a classic gold stud shouldn’t go together, but somehow, Shaterra pulls it off.

Name: Shaterra Overton

Major/Minor: Economics/Math

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Who is your style icon and why?

Shaterra Overton: I would have to say Rhianna. Why? I think we all can see how fierce she is. She is fierceness personified! I've actually had every one of her haircuts up until she started wearing the red wig. Still thinking about it, though…

CF: What inspires you when putting together outfits each day?

SO: I always find one interesting thing that I haven't worn in a while and build an outfit around that. It could be a shirt, a dress or even just a necklace. I put all of my outfits together the night before because it's fun (and strangely therapeutic), then I challenge myself not to chicken out in the morning, even if I look absolutely ridiculous.

CF: How has your style evolved since arriving at Columbia?

SO: I definitely wear a lot more black, although I don't know if that's so much Columbia as it is New York. I really like my clothes to fit loose and flowy now, and I never used to before. Plus, I’m a lot braver than I was in high school, both with my style and just in general. The first “crazy” thing I ever bought was a pair of green Doc Martins. Initially, friends made fun of them, but I learned that if you act like whatever you're wearing is the best thing ever, people can't help but think the same.

CF: Where is your favorite place to shop, either at home, or in New York City?

SO: H&M now and forever! Unfortunately, there's only one H&M in Texas and it's not even close to where I live. So, I really only shop/drool/hyperventilate there when I'm in the city. Back in Austin, I'm always on the vintage strip on North Loop. Blue Velvet and Ermine are my favorites. Don't discount the South for fashion inspiration — Austin is where it's at!

How To: There is nothing more chic than a unique personal style. Just one look at Shaterra, and a passer by gets a sense of who she is, and what she is all about. The best thing about this quirky combination is the hidden cohesion keeping things from looking downright crazy. Here, Shaterra sneakily holds it together with some bold accessories in coordinating colors — the feather earring and wooden beaded bracelet both contain hints of the burnt orange of the blazer and complementing tones of teal. Don’t hesitate to be bold, try to mix polka-dots with stripes or florals and Missoni zig-zags, just choose a dominant color, or take a hint from Shaterra and add in some harmonious accessories, to assure this remarkable boldness is also strikingly stylish.

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