The maxi skirt is alive and well. Shea showcases it with ease and eloquence. Due to the flow and flexibility it brings, there is no wonder why they are being maxed out at retailers as the ultimate spring apparel must-have. Hers has a whimsical floral display, but they can be found in a great array of patterns. This particular maxi puts a unique and provocative spin on the exposure it provides, as it shows a nude leg beneath the shear covering of the skirt. This skirt can be accompanied with a plethora of tops. Shea went with a staple oversized black top. It can also be done with an oversized razor back or a tank and cut-off jean jacket. She accentuates her look with adorned, timeless gold jewelry. Adding gold easily brings a touch of glamour and flash to a look. She finishes off her ensemble with strappy sandals that are quintessential for a lovely day in the sun.

Name: Shea Zamarra

Major: Family and Human Services

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Are there any particular decades of fashion that inspire you?

Shea Zamarra: I like to pull from a wide range of decades but I love a girl that can emulate a '50s pin up girl.

CF: Who would you say is your style icon?

SZ: I adore Rachel Zoe.

CF: In coming from San Diego would you say your style has shifted at all?

SZ: Let’s just say I didn’t know what The North Face was coming to Oregon. I have certainly adapted to the trends of Eugene and the brands that epitomize the great North West. Being on a college campus makes me want to exert effort into my outfits, especially when the sun comes out, I feel inspired to dress up.

CF: Where are all of your pieces from?

SZ: My top is from a friend’s closet, my skirt is from Brandy Melville, my sandals are from Target, my bracelet is from Stella & Dot, and my watch is Nixon.

How To: To rock a look like Shea’s, find a suitable maxi skirt. These skirts come with a lot of variability which can allow a Fashionista to find one that is catered to personal liking. You can decide on the design, color options, how long or short you want the lining of the skirt to be —how much leg exposure — and what kind of top you want to complement it with. To parallel Shea’s top, find one that is oversized and comfortable. You can choose to go with a color that picks up one of the colors from the skirt, or let the colors from the skirt shine, and choose a solitary black or white. For sandal apparel, find ones in a neutral color with simple straps that show optimal skin. Conclude the look with statement jewelry, like a gold watch that can be found at a trading post or through an upscale brand found online or in retailers.

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