It’s always been said that less is more and today’s Fashionista is the case in point. It was scorching outside when I stumbled upon Fashionista Shira Green. She was standing outside a campus building when I noticed her brightness. Shira is in a league of her own as she dons an ensemble that puts some of the hottest trends to shame. It’s almost as if she stepped right out of the mid-century to grace us with her presence. Her look is the epitome of class and femininity.

This Fashionista is wearing a yellow floral print dress that hugs her shape, tan cut out sandals that have been a summer craze and bold red lips. Bright hues are eye popping and can make or break a look. They don’t need a lot to make a statement. Also prints like floral adds a hint of charm and makes an outfit look inviting.

Name: Shira Green

Year: Junior

Major: Early Childhood Education

CollegeFashionista: What influenced your look for today?

Shira Green: I’m obsessed with everything mid-century, ‘40s, ‘50s and the show Madmen. I like the femininity in how things look.

CF: What is your favorite accessory and why?

SG: I’m all about earrings because I recently cut my hair. I like big earrings, you can finally see them since my hair is really short. Also, even though it’s not necessarily like jewelry I’m into very bright bold lipstick. You put it on and it completes your look.

CF: Where are your go to places to shop?

SG: I got the dress I’m wearing from Etsy thrift stores are where I get a majority of my pieces from. Real treasures are from thrift stores. I got a vintage tan Coach purse for $8 at a thrift store. I go to a lot of thrift stores in Wicker Park. People don’t know the real treasures they have.

CF: Who would you consider to be a style icon?

SG: Betty Page, I love the classic feminine look. She was sexy but still classy. She was ahead of her time. When I use to have long hair I would curl my hair in the Betty Page look. Also, not to be cliche but Marilyn Monroe, and anyone on the Madmen show.”

CF: How has Chicago influenced your sense of fashion?

SG: Any metropolitan area can influence you. The young people in Chicago are fashion forward it’s constantly evolving. The city is fast paced and so is the fashion. Chicago has four seasons. It can be 40 degrees one day and the opposite the next. You have to be versatile with your wardrobe. Columbia as well, there is interesting never-before-seen clothing here on campus.

How To: To accomplish a vintage and classic look check out some of Chicago’s hottest thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading to find some rare gems. As far as lips, Mac Cosmetics has an array of bold colors to tickle your fancy. Lastly, here are some cut out sandals by Lucky Brand featured on

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