White can be hard to spot in New York because the urban smog and grime of the city that never sleeps will quickly ruin a timeless jacket or handbag. I spotted this Fashionista rushing to class, a jumble of papers close at hand, and marveled at her smart approach to wearing white outerwear. By layering an overcoat over a white jacket, the look has a flash of bright white that is protected from getting tarnished from daily wear. The rest of the look consists of black elements and earth tones, which always look chic.

Name: Sofia Mogliazzi

Major: Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Sofia Mogliazzi: I am wearing H&M pants, Victoria's Secret PINK jacket and my coat was from a random sample sale. I bought my purse from an Italian boutique while I was traveling.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

SM: I definitely shop at H&M and Zara the most.

CF: What advice would you give to fellow college students in terms of looking good on a budget?

SM: I would suggest that college students stop trying so hard. Sticking to the basics and learning how to accessorize go a long way in making a look.

CF: What are some trendy pieces that you are currently digging?

SM: I’m keen on edgy pieces so studded shoes are right up my alley. I also want some leather acid wash denim or a jacket with that type of print.

How To: Invest in a sturdy white denim jacket by Express that will retain its shape and color for many years to start the look. To keep your white layers clean and fresh, layer up with an oversized overcoat from ASOS. Since the outfit can be a bit top heavy with all the layers, slim the legs with skin-tight black jeggings from American Eagle. Lastly, accessorize with a brown satchel from J.Crew to polish off the outfit.

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