As you all know, London Fashion Week is in full swing. So, in the spirit of it all, I have been looking back to classic London punk rock culture: the music, the mohawks, the fashion. ‘80s British punk rock culture was, and still is, so infectious because the fashion was so reminiscent of the wearers’ attitude. Punk rock was all about breaking away from and destroying tradition, and did so as they destroyed their clothing. They wanted to pierce society’s expectations, and they did by literally piercing safety pins into their leather jackets and bodies. I, personally, would love to see a resurgence of this outward display of passion; can we please make this happen?

I saw more refined punk rock right before my eyes when I spotted Fashionista Tabitha Kim. A major element of punk rock fashion is the element of customization: punk rockers used their clothing as a method of self-expression as they studded, shredded, safety pinned and patched up their leather jackets and jeans. Tabitha wore a vintage patched blazer and dark-washed jeans with leather knees. She also boldly wore a pair of metallic silver Dr. Marten boots, the quintessential industrial shoe of punk rock. And, of course, how could I fail to mention her blue-gray hair? If that doesn’t scream punk rock, I don’t know what does.

Name: Tabitha Kim

Major: Film, English Minor

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Tabitha Kim: I guess I would describe my personal style as grunge and, at times, androgynous.

CF: Where do you draw your style inspiration?

TK: I mainly draw my inspiration from my peers and passerbys. I find myself taking note of certain styles on the street; whether it is an article of clothing or a hairstyle, and mold it to the look that would suit me best.

CF: What are your staple items?

TK: My staple items are my metallic boots and my blue-gray hair (if that counts as a staple item). I think that louder hair and shoes give me more of an excuse to tone down the rest of my clothing.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

TK: I don't exactly have any go-to stores. I wear what I've collected over the years from random and dispersed boutiques, secondhand stores and websites like Etsy.

How To: As Tabitha said, she molds looks that she observes to best suit her personal style. What better way to honor that than to take her personal style and mold it to fit your own? Personalize a thrifted black blazer by randomly sewing different plaid and houndstooth fabric swatches. You can also customize a pair of high-waisted dark-wash jeans by sewing a leather patch over the knees. And don’t forget to wear a great pair of classic punk rock metallic Dr. Martens. Add a basic tee, a classic black scarf and a collegiate satchel and you’ll be all set to stream live fashion shows during your lecture — if you choose to adopt the “stick it to the man” London punk rock attitude, that is.

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