Nicole Richie’s bohemian look has always been a favorite of mine. She pairs a maxi dress and leather jacket with distinct tribal jewelry. Like magic, her look is effortless. In general, the flow of lengthier skirts and dresses is an attractive sight. I speak from experience because, when I first saw Fashionista Taelour Brandon walking from a distance, her flowy dress caught my eye. I sped up to get a closer look and to learn more about Brandon’s style.

Name: Taelour Brandon

Year: Freshman

Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice

College Fashionista: What three words that best describe your style?

Taulour Brandon: Cute, comfortable and accessorized.

CF: If you could go on a full day shopping spree with a celebrity, with whom would it be?

TB: If I could go on a full day shopping spree with a celebrity it would either be Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.

CF: What item do you plan on wearing frequently over spring break?

TB: Over spring break I plan on wearing plenty of dresses, tights and T-shirts.

How To: Spring break is right around the corner. If you’re planning on hitting the mall for outfits to wear while on vacation, try looking for lengthier skirts and dresses. As Style Guru Hilary Plendelton suggested, try adding a tribal print to your wardrobe. This one shoulder maxi from Forever 21 is the perfect way to incorporate both a tribal design and longer length. Accessorize with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and step out in a pair of beaded gladiator sandals.

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