Today's Fashionista, Taelyn Humphrey, likes to rule the fashion scene with her eclectic sense of style. This Fashionista was coming from class when I stumbled upon her unique look. This ensemble is filled with one of a kind gems and items that many would never think about piecing together.

Fashionista Taelyn is wearing a blue striped linen dress button-up paired with gray tights. To stay warm she wears an oversized black and gray sweater with intricate designs and black combat boots that we all love this season. Her jewelry consists of bright red, beaded necklaces and bracelets to make her look more playful. To finish off the outfit, Fashionista Taelyn dons a shimmery gold turban that makes her look elegant.

Name: Taelyn Humphrey

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite accessory for the fall season?

Taelyn Humphrey: As of right now I would have to say head wraps. I really love them, like, lately I’ve been wearing them so much. I like them because they're good for, like, bad hair days but they still look good. You can just do so much with them.

CF: Where does your inspiration for fashion come from?

TH: Honestly from everyday things. I’m not really into name brands and stuff like that. I will wear anything if it’s something I can turn from ordinary to, like, extraordinary, I will do it. I like to make a statement I don’t think anyone should walk out the house, like, boring. I just feel like I want to stand out.

CF: How do you stay fashionable in Chicago's winter?

TH: I love, like, big sweaters, I love to layer and just pile on a bunch of things. Head wraps and hats work as well. Cute booties and tights; I have, like, over a 100 pair of tights. You will never catch me in the winter time without tights.

CF: Who would you consider to be s style icon and why?

TH: My grandma because she literally started everything. She is somebody who didn’t have a lot growing up and she took what she had and made something, like, really fabulous out of it. I learned early on that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on something to look really good.

CF: How has Columbia influenced your style in any way?

TH: It did because when I came here from St. Louis I really stood out there. But here there are more people like that and you have to step it up to really stand out.

How To: Accomplishing this look is easy and fun and everyone can put their own spin on it. For the dress Urban Outfitters has a unique looking, blue striped, cotton dress that can be dressed up or down. Forever 21 has some nice brown booties that will make this look really pop. Urban Outfitters also has this cute, cozy cardigan with an interesting design on it. Lastly, turbans are not easy to come by so making your own head scarf out of a silk scarf is easier than buying one.

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