If you got it, flaunt it. When I spotted this week’s Fashionista Tara, I immediately noticed her Blake Lively legs that she showed off in a black miniskirt with black tights and boots for added length. Amongst her dark items was a huge pop of rose floral print. I am a huge proponent of floral year-round, so it was refreshing to see how it added a feminine flair to Tara’s otherwise edgy ensemble. I love how Tara plays with proportions, and upon hearing she was from LA, I saw how her urban meets floral look completely fit her lifestyle. After living in three fashion capitals (she also studied abroad in Paris), I couldn’t wait to hear Tara’s tips.

Name-Tara Nahai

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Tara Nahai: My leather blazer is Veda. 
My floral print tunic is from LF
. My over the knee tights are Calzedonia. 
My combat boots are Dolce Vita. 
My big hat is Zara.

CF: How do you compare LA to NYC style?
TN: One of the biggest differences I see between LA and NY style is based on the two different climates. With the sunny and warmer weather of LA, Californians tend to go more casual and laidback so there style is much more simple. 
NY is definitely defined by more courageous fashionistas who know how to play with layers, accessories and outerwear in a way that Californians do not.

CF: Where do you get inspiration?
TN: I think the person who inspires my style the most has always been my mom. I have been blessed with having a “cool” mom, who is one of my best friends. She is extremely hip in terms of her fashion choices and personal style. We often share clothes and because of her love for edgy looks, I was able to create my own classic style with an edge aesthetic. Some favorite pieces are my over the knee boots, combat boots, leather, items especially jackets, bandage skirts and anything and everything black.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?
TN: LF, Barneys for designers like Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Theory and Intermix. I also love French stores like Sandro, Maje and The Kooples.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
TN: My style mirrors my lifestyle, which is obviously that of a student. On a day-to-day basis I would say my style would be classified as casual chic. I love trends, but I invest the most in timeless and elegant pieces including the leather blazer I am wearing today. I like having pieces that transcend seasons and that I can adapt to many different types of looks. Fashion makes me feel confident and happy, and it is an integral part of how I express myself.

How to: I love how Tara didn’t shy away from floral print during the fall. By balancing darker elements of her out with a pop of colorful pattern from her tunic, Tara’s look is still seasonably appropriate. She also complemented the more delicate appeal of the feminine floral pattern by adding more edgy items like a leather jacket, structured miniskirt and combat boots. Top off the look with fun accessories like an oversized hat to make the ensemble even more dimensional.

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